Favourite Music Albums

Hi there, as I have writers block and have to write a  (first, real) blog post, I thought I would go back to my instincts with music and sum up some of favourite albums (saying they’re the very top seems a bit drastic yet) and it seemed fitting as an introduction post as someone’s favourite songs can say a lot about them. A few are recent, and a few come from a similar time-period but they’re the first that came to mind and if I could only listen to these albums for the rest of my life, I think I’d be fine with that.

  • American Candy – The Maine


Their latest album, American Candy gives a shoutout to their earlier, post Forever Halloween, ‘lighter-mood’ music, whilst it still being evident they have matured as a band. It’s the album you play on sunny days and instantly makes you feel care free; although it has the song 24 Floors if you need a little weep; it’s only 10 tracks long but every single one is quality and gives you everything you need from an album. If you follow John O’Callaghan on twitter, you know there’s a lot of topics running around his head and any The Maine album is worth a listen for the lyrics and all of the albums make you feel at home. However, for the sake of the ‘feel good vibes’, this album appears on this list.

  • Hold Me Down – You Me At Six


Hold Me Down is the band’s second album which you could easily argue was the start of the band’s success. Containing songs such as ‘Underdog’ and ‘Stay With Me’, I can happily and confidently say this is my favourite album of theirs. This is the album that made me listen to and love this band and will never lose its spark, as everyone from the Hold Me Down era will know. I think this one holds a special place in our 15 year old hearts.

  • Fools and Worthless Liars – Deaf Havana


Although a similar genre to You Me At Six; this album comes within my top 5 since it’s such easy listening and impossible to resist singing the lyrics to. It’s somewhat heavy but hopeful, Fifty Four being the perfect track to end with. This is the album I always find myself listening to on the bus journey home and has to be my favourite album from Deaf Havana.

  • What Separates Me From You – A Day To Remember


The heaviest out of this short list, with songs such as ‘All I Want’, this album had to make my list. It’s one that feels as if you’re hearing it for the first time every time and you’re never disappointed. It was the last album we saw from A Day To Remember for a while, but it was enough to keep them in the limelight and one of the most popular bands around.

  • 1989 – Taylor Swift


I think everyone deserves some pop in their life, and Taylor Swift is a classic example of an artist. This album made even the ‘haters’ she sang about in Shake It Off sing along to songs such as Blank Space. It’s a ‘I don’t care, you do you and I do me’ album. Taylor said it was her favourite work yet and I can agree on that one (although I’ll always be a sucker for Fearless). Easy and happy listening.


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