Good shareable online content for music

Shareable content #1 – Rocksound 

Rock_SoundWhy this is shareable and appeals to me: The magazine ‘Rocksound’ also provides us with a free website with up-to-date, brief news on the rock world, such as tours and album announcements. The short, relevant content means when sharing people will understand exactly what it is that you want to get across and are excited about. There are also widgets to share on social media such as twitter and facebook from the website; as well as having active pages on a variety social media.

Shareable content #2 – Youtube New Music

Why this is shareable and appeals to me: This is a quick and easy place to discover a range of new music and their videos. Youtube comes with a feature to ‘share’ so that you can easily eyoutube new musicmbed videos into things such as blog posts and easily send them to others. The site also gives you recommended videos to watch based on previous history.

Shareable content #3 –

2000px-Lastfm.svgWhy this is shareable and appeals to me: This site holds good and useful content as it provides a free streaming service to discover new artists, much like Spotify (which it can connect to), it’s interactive as you can see what you and your friends are listening to and how much, and how similar you are to friends. It also keeps you up to date on latest shows near you.


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