MISSING! Jon Snow – Dead or Alive?

Mine and Bronagh’s collaboration post

Bronagh Hood

Game of Thrones season five displayed a number of nail biting cliff hangers and devastating deaths; the main one being the ‘fatal’ stabbing of Jon Snow. Despite watching the knife enter his body with our own eyes, fans of Jon Snow are refusing to believe that he is really dead – and here’s why they’re right to be in denial.

  1. Kit Harrington has been seen on the set – The Hollywood Reporter reported who renewed their contracts, Kit Harrington was amongst them.
  2. Melisandre has to be up to something – From the beginning, Melisandre believed that Stannis was the promised, rightful King, (whilst others believe that Daenerys is promised the throne) however now he’s out of the question and she’s unlikely to disappear after showing an interest in the Night’s Watch; especially after it’s believed Jon is related to Targaryen family.
  3. He may become a White Walker – a big theme…

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